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Welcome to the website from The Ulzzang Family! We don't call ourself Ulzzang, because of wearing circle lenses or using BB-Cream. No! We call ourself Ulzzang because we love the style and fashion. We want to inspire more people to this look =D
hope u enjoy the site

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hello everybody

so here i am again. this website take for me time... and i haven't got pictures of everybody now XD

we sorry for the wait <3

30.10.09 15:22


The beginning

hello everybody

maybe you now us, maybe not. we are the ulzzang-family in germany and we have some "kids" in other countries. so, it means: we are the VIP's. The page is not finish now, but in 2 weeks it will be finish! so, hope u enjoy it x)

xoxo Punchii.t and the othe from the uljangemy

15.9.09 15:48

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